Keyport Leisure Bay Apartments

A Welcoming Community at the
Keyport Senior Center

Just a short distance from Keyport Leisure Bay Apartments, Keyport Senior Centers offers the perfect environment if you’re looking for a community that promotes family and togetherness. The great activities and fellowship at Keyport Senior Center is hard to beat! Learn something different and exciting by taking a new class; go somewhere you’ve never gone before with a day trip; and meet new friendly faces every day at the Keyport Senior Center. Keyport Leisure Bay Apartments even provides the transportation to get you there!

  • Put on a show with the Theatre Club 
  • Learn something new with the Center Speakers 
  • Have an adventure on Group Trips 
  • Show them how it’s done at the Games Center 
  • Be a winner in a variety of exciting contests 
  • Catch up on your reading at the Library 
  • Or try classes in exercise, yoga, dance, ceramics, computers, art and even more!

You’ll love the welcoming community in Keyport, and you’ll live in the center of it all at Keyport Leisure Bay Apartments. See how close we are located to everything you love doing. Arrange a tour of Keyport Leisure Bay Apartments, today.

50 Beers Street
Keyport, NJ 07735
(732) 264-2711